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We Help Physiotherapists Get Home Loan Rates As Low as 2.64% with No LMI

Specialist Interest Rates for Physiotherapists

We negotiate a special ‘Physiotherapist Only‘ rate for you, backed by a 98% approval rate. Our brokers come back to you within just 24 hours with the best deals on the market.

Waived LMI for Physiotherapists

Borrow up to 90% LVR and pay nothing in LMI. We save physiotherapists an average of $18,000 for a 90% LVR, $800,000 home loan.

We Cover Annual Loan Fees for Physiotherapists

We roll out the red carpet for all physios by waiving all annual loan fees, saving you an additional average of $11,850 over the lifetime of your loan!

Cash Back Offers for Physiotherapists

Speak to one of our senior brokers now and get the best cashback offers offered by Australia’s leading banks. Get up to $4,000 in cashback and save!

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We Get Tough Home Loans Approved for Physiotherapists

While not all medical issues may have a cure, our brokers will have a solution for you when it comes to getting the best home loan for physiotherapists.

We have helped hundreds of Australian physiotherapists get the best possible home loan deals in the market. No matter what state you’re in, we can help. We secure the best deals for our clients by combining our vast network of relationships with top Australian lenders and our decades of industry experience. 

Our expertise and time come with no-risk. You get the best advice and offers in the market, and we get paid by the bank for making your experience a seamless one. Save time and money by speaking with our senior broker today.

Have questions? We have answers.

  • No LMI: Pay nothing in lender’s mortgage insurance which saves you on average $17,000 for $800,000 loan amount when borrowing 90% of the property value.
  • Special interest rate discounts for the life of the loan: Receive negotiated discounts below the bank’s advertised rate.
  • Additional cashback offers: Some lenders may offer up to $4,000 in cashbacks to win your business.
  • Annual fee waiver: If your loan exceeds $1,000,000 you may be eligible for an annual fee waiver. This saves on average $11,850 over the life of the loan.
  • You will need to be currently employed as a physiotherapist.
  • Unlike other professions who also received LMI, there are no minimum income requirements.
  • Current AHPRA registration
  • Physiotherapists have a statistical track record of paying their home loans on time.
  • Physiotherapists are regarded as low risk borrowers earning a high income.

Physiotherapists often have unusual income structures that are not accepted by all banks. You don’t want to be caught out by approaching a bank who won’t accept your income.

  • Base PAYG salary for permanent part/full time: 100% is accepted
  • Casual Income: 100% is acceptable. Most banks require 12 months with your current employer however there are a few banks who can consider casual income with as little as 3 months with your employer.
  • Overtime: A few banks will consider 100% however most banks generally only accept 80%. You will need to be with your employer for at least 3 months.
  • Allowances: Depending upon the allowance 100% can be considered otherwise generally only 80% is acceptable.
  • Business income from running your practice: 2 year tax returns are generally required.

Incomes for physiotherapists can be unusual, especially the more specialized you become. Speak to one of our mortgage specialists on 1300 030 388 or enquire online to find out if you qualify.

We can save you time and money by using our expertise and leveraging our relationships with banks to find products tailored to your personal situation. We will consider your objectives and circumstances to provide the ideal recommendations available to you in the Australian lending environment.

The best part is, our services are completely free of charge to you. We are remunerated by the lenders for introducing them quality customers that fit their risk appetite. By also saving the lenders time and resources we create a win-win situation which is what we’re all about.

Did you know that we have special packages for medical professionals and can negotiate special discounts on your behalf? Speak to our physiotherapist mortgage specialist on 1300 030 388 or enquire online to find out if you are eligible.

Why Aussie Physiotherapists Are Choosing Mortgage Pros

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Our Mortgage Specialists For Physiotherapists

We negotiate the best home loan rates for physiotherapists.

Russell Munfaredi

Russell Munfaredi

Managing Director / Owner

Eric Yeo

Eric Yeo

Senior Mortgage Broker

Peter Ha

Peter Ha

Senior Mortgage Broker

Harry Cui

Harry Cui

Senior Mortgage Broker

Hank Hong

Hank Hong

Senior Mortgage Broker

William Thai

William Thai


Physiotherapist Home Loan Case Studies


Profile: Rebecca is a physiotherapist based in Western Sydney and earns $100,000 per annum. She is married, has two kids & owns one home, which is almost half paid off.

Objective: With all the interest rates rising, Rebecca is feeling the pinch. As her home is on a good-sized block, she has decided to build a granny flat which she will rent out and generate passive income to help with the rising rates.

Problem: Rebecca calls her existing bank and starts the home loan process. 4 weeks in, they do a valuation & to her dismay, advise she does not have enough equity and hence they cannot fund the construction of the granny flat!

Solution: Eager to find a solution, Rebecca heads online. There she discovers Mortgage Pros and speaks to one of their senior mortgage brokers. To her surprise, within just 3 weeks, her loan is approved! Mortgage Pros was able to order valuations with all the banks that allow physiotherapists to go to 90%LVR with waived LMI for construction & using the valuation that came back best applied & got approved with them.

Like Rebecca, if your valuation is limiting you from achieving your financial goals, you can always contact one of our mortgage brokers specialising in home loans for physiotherapists by calling us on 1300 030 388 or enquiring online.


Profile: Melissa is a physiotherapist based in Melbourne. She purchased her first investment property, about three years ago & also fixed the home loan for three years when interest rates were at all-time lows.

Objective: Melissa’s fixed rate expires and she doesn’t want to pay more than she should. She wants the lowest rate possible after her fixed rate expires.

Problem: Melissa calls her existing bank and to see what rate they will offer her after her fixed rate expires. After frustratingly staying on the phone for over 80 minutes, the best they can offer her is 6.50% which is higher than the advertised rates for new customers!

Solution: After discussing her situation with a work colleague, Melissa is referred to her colleague’s mortgage broker, Mortgage Pros, who specialise in home loans for physiotherapists. They thoroughly analyse her situation & the market to find her the best deal. Melissa refinanced her home loan and was able to:

  • Get a rate of 6.25% which is 0.25% lower than what her current bank offered her.
  • Take advantage of the cashback the bank was offering. She was able to obtain a $4,000 cashback.
  • As her loan amount was over 500k, Mortgage Pros will pay her $395 per annum as long as she keeps the loan with them!


Profile: Samantha is a physiotherapist based in Melbourne and currently earns $90,000 per annum.

Objective: She wants to buy her first home, an apartment, for $600,000, as she will be evicted from her current rental property in the next 90 days.

Problem: Samantha calls her existing bank; she has done all her banking for her entire life. She speaks to one of their home loan consultants and realises as she recently started her job 1 month ago. The bank advises her that she is not eligible for a home loan and must first pass her job’s probation period. As Samantha is being evicted in the next 90 days, this means she will have to move twice in under 6 months if she waits until her probation period ends!

Solution: After discussing her situation with a work colleague, Samantha is referred to her colleague’s mortgage broker, Mortgage Pros, who specialise in home loans for physiotherapists. In less than a week, our senior brokers find her a lender who specialises in home loans for physiotherapists and can accept borrowers on probation as long as they have a 6-month continuous employment track record!

Like Samatha, you too, can be eligible for exclusive home loan deals for physiotherapists. Contact us today and discuss your financial goals with one of our senior mortgage specialists.

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