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How We Save Accountants $80,000 On Average

We Help Accountants Access Special Home Loan Discounts Below The Advertised Interest Rate

Specialist Interest Rates for Accountants

We negotiate a special ‘Accountants Only‘ rate for you, backed by a 98% approval rate. No matter your financial circumstances, we will find your best options as an accountant within just 24 hours. 

Waived LMI for Accountants

Say goodbye to paying for lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI). We save accountants an average of $16,500 on just LMI! We also waive all loan set-up costs, passing on more massive savings to you.

We Cover Annual Loan Fees for Accountants

We’re so confident with our offering for accountants that we pay your annual loan fees! This applies for all home loans above $500k, saving you an additional average of $11,850 over the lifetime of your loan!

Cash Back Offers for Accountants

Speak to one of our senior brokers now and get the best cash backs offered by Australia’s leading banks. Get up to $4,000 in cash back and save! Our brokers will find you the best deals in the market.

We Make Home Loans Easy For Accountants

Make An Enquiry

Enquire between 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday and we call you back within 5 minutes. Our brokers work around the clock to help you!

Speak With A Broker

We assess your situation, negotiate rates, screen lenders and present you with your best options. We are with you every step of the way!

Loan Approved

You pick the best option that suits you and we get your home loan formally approved! We make the whole home loan process easy!

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We Get Tough Home Loans Approved for Accountants

We’re your first and last mortgage brokers. Our accountant mortgage specialists are the people who get called when no other broker can get a loan approved.

Our senior brokers have extensive experience working in major Australian banks as the people who approve or decline loans. In other words, we know what the banks are looking for when it comes to getting any type of home loan approved for accountants.

Each of our senior brokers are ranked amongst the top 100 brokers in Australia. This means that no matter who you speak to at our brokerage, you’re speaking with the best in the industry.

Speak to one of our senior brokers today and we’ll present you with your best options moving forward!

Accountant Home Loan FAQs

Our mortgage brokers at Mortgage Pros will leave no stone unturned to give you the best customer service possible while providing maximum value to help you land the best deals and rates as an accountant.

Here are some perks you’ll enjoy by choosing to work with us:

Waive Lender’s Mortgage Insurance

You’ll typically pay for lenders’ mortgage insurance (LMI) when taking out a home buyer/property investor loan with an 80% Loan-to-value ratio (LVR) or higher.

For instance, if you want to buy a property valued at $2,000,000 for a $200,000 deposit, your lender will require you to pay for LMI. That’s because you’re borrowing at a 90% LVR with only a 10% deposit.

Increasing LVR exposes the bank to a higher risk of default, so they will apply LMI to cover the risk.

However, lenders see accountants as low-risk borrowers like many professionals. With our help, accountants can access special loan deals and terms, including an LMI waiver for loans as much as 95% LVR.

But some conditions will apply to your application. You must hold an active CPA or IPA membership to qualify for an LMI waiver as an accountant. Nevertheless, you can waive your LMI fees without an income threshold or job title.

If you’re an Australian accountant, speak with us today, and let’s chat about how we can grow your business. Our specialist mortgage brokers have the skillset and experience to give you first-hand insights on skipping hefty LMI fees as an eligible accounting professional.

Save time finding the best home loan rates

We understand that professionals such as accountants only have little time to shop between lenders. Stopping by and discussing financial situations and loan rates every single time is extremely time-extensive and is not a luxury many Aussie accountants have.

That’s where your specialist mortgage broker can help.

We at Mortgage Pros will take you through over 40 banks and lenders to help you land the best deals in Australia. We have worked in loan-approving bodies and forged reliable bonds with the most reputable lenders.

That means you get access to exclusive loan rates as an accountant—wherever you work in Australia. Whatever state or territory you’re in, please speak with us, and let’s help you find the best loan discounts and rates that suit your unique needs.

Exclusive discounts for accountants

As former bank and credit officers, we know how to negotiate exclusive loan rates only accessible to eligible accountants. Our team understands the scale of working as an Australian accountant and will play our role in helping you secure a home loan while saving thousands of dollars in the process.

We’ll help make your loan payments easier at Mortgage Pros. For every accountant home loan we’ve written, we’re paying you $395 for every year you partner with us for your home loan.

So if you have a $500,000 home loan written for over 30 years, that’s about $11,850 saved from your pocket!

That’s not all. You can also skim through all available cashback offers from major Australian lenders. In short, you get access to the best deals in the market, all in one sitting!

Customised financial solutions for accountants

Unlike other professionals, we know that most accountants are in unique financial positions with varying financial goals. At Mortgage Pros, we have the tools and database to evaluate your current borrowing power and provide tailored financial solutions that give you the most value.

We understand that you only have so much time to review loan applications and shop for better rates. That’s why our senior mortgage brokers will represent you and negotiate on your behalf, saving you time and money in the long run.

Trust our experts to weigh all options, get the deal that best suits your current financial situation, and get it done quickly. We’re the mortgage professionals that other professionals rely on for home loans.

All accountants in Australia are eligible for LMI waivers on exclusive home loan terms. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of specialisations qualified for “accountants-only” tailored home loans.

  • Assurance
  • Commercial finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate treasury
  • Financial accounting
  • Forensic accounting
  • Government accounting
  • Insolvency
  • Internal audit
  • Management accounting
  • Public accounting
  • Risk assessment
  • Tax

Call us and discuss with our senior mortgage broker if you cannot find your specialisation on the list above. You may still be eligible for a waived LMI home loan even if you do not meet the job title requirements.

Mortgage Pros accept all types of accountants and will help you land home loan deals with exclusive discounts and LMI waivers on major banks.

However, no two lenders are created equal. Speak with our senior mortgage broker today and discover whether you qualify.

Lenders see finance professionals, especially accountants, as low-risk borrowers. Leading banks and financial lenders established special home loans for accountants to drive as many accountants in banking with them.

Here are a few reasons why accountants get special treatment:

  • Accountants have decades of track record of paying home loans diligently
  • Accountants are high-income earners, making them low-risk borrowers
  • Working as a licensed accountant is a career-long commitment and has a lower risk of long-term unemployment
  • Accountants have high-demand skillset in the finance industry, meaning their career and financial stability is robust and unaffected by external factors

Depending on your current financial situation, licensed accountants can enjoy LMI-free home loans, deposit-free home loans with 100% LVR, or in some cases, negotiate to get both.

Note that home loan discounts for accountants vary between banks and lenders and vastly rely on Australia’s economy and market conditions.

Speak with us today and discover how to apply for exclusive deals and special accountant discounts.

  • You must be a qualified Chartered Accountant (CA) or Certified Practising Accountant (CPA).
  • Professional accountants don’t need to have minimum income requirements
  • You need to be currently registered in either of the following: CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), and the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants (ATMA)

Yes! If you’re an accountant, we can negotiate your loan to get 100% LVR without a guarantor.

Some banks will split the home loan in two:

  • Loan 1: 90% LVR home loan with no LMI
  • Loan 2: Separate loan for the other 10%, including stamp duty, bank fees, & legal costs.

Apply for the best-rated 100% LVR home loan up to $500,000 with 10% to 15% pa and 5-10 years loan terms. You must be a duly registered CA or CPA and a firm partner to qualify.

Call our senior mortgage broker at 1300 030 388, and let’s chat about how you can apply for and get approved for a no-LMI home loan without any deposit or a guarantor.

In some cases, lenders may not accept accountants with unique income structures. Hence, you should see whether banks will receive your income.

Our 40+ banks will accept the following accountant income structures:

  • Base PAYG salary for full-time accountants: Eligible for 100% LVR home loans
  • Casual income: 6 months with current employer, depending on bank requirements
  • Overtime: We know a few banks that will approve 100% home loan rates. Most banks will only accept 80% with employment requirements of at least 3 months.
  • Allowances: Some banks will accept 100% depending on your allowance. Most lenders will only finance for 80% LVR.
  • Bonus: Most banks require you to be with your employer for 2 years or more and have received the business for the last two years. They will use either average of the last two years or the most recent year if it is lower. We, however, know a few banks that use one years bonus.
  • Business income for accountants running their own practice: Most lenders require you to submit a 2 year tax return. However, a few select banks accept 1 year tax returns for accountants that meet certain criteria.

Yes! You can save up thousands of dollars by working with us.

In fact, we save accountants up to $11,850 in annual loan fees for their entire loan term.

Our remarkable negotiation skills also go a long way in securing the best loan rates that save you a few hundred dollars in repayments. We’re talking 0.5% cheaper interest rate than the rest—saving you a few hundred dollars in monthly repayments.

Choose the safest way with Mortgage Pros! Our expert brokers have combed through thousands of credit checks optimising your loan application and pointing out where you can save more.

Whether you’re an accounting professional purchasing your first home or investment property or refinancing a home loan, we’ll gladly help!

At Mortgage Pros, we make applying for loans as an accountant as easy as taking any regular mortgage. But instead of going back and forth submitting requirements and missing a few unannounced documents, your senior broker will take you through the whole pre-approval stage so you can prepare all required documents early on.

Hundreds of Sydney-based accountants enjoy taking home loans with Mortgage Pros, and we’re confident we can do the same for you.

Here’s a quick guide on the standard requirements you should prepare. Have them ready before contacting our mortgage brokers and applying for home loans as an accountant:

Personal identification

  • Generally, you need to have your primary identification prepared. That includes your Australian Passport and driver’s license indicating your full name, photo ID, birth date, and residence.
  • Other primary identification documents include your Australian citizenship certificate, proof of permanent residency, and birth certificate.
  • At least two secondary documents in case you cannot provide your primary identification documents.

Proof of income

  • For accountants, that includes two consecutive recent payslips and a payment summary from your current company/employer
  • Self-employed accountants must provide two year ATO tax returns from the previous financial year

Additional requirements

  • Official bank statements and transaction history indicate your current savings level as a professional.
  • Other home loan statements, if any.

Definitely! We specialise in home loans and have helped several Australian accountants land the toughest home loans at competitive rates.

Moreover, our skilled mortgage brokers have substantial experience working with corporate banks and lending institutions and understand what factors will help you land the toughest loans.

We’ve evaluated thousands of accountants and have developed the winning formula to minimise obstacles and sharp turns to get even impossible home loans approved.

Supercharge your home loan application by speaking with our senior mortgage broker today. Fill us in on your home loan situation and discover convenient options to realise your dream home.

Yes, we may help you qualify for accountant home loans if you’re married to a qualified accountant. Note that this only applies if you’re applying together and not separately.

Consult your senior mortgage broker to discover if you are qualified to apply today.

Absolutely! We’re an award-winning team with our senior mortgage brokers awarded amongst Australia’s top 100 mortgage brokers.

These awards are proof of our outcome-driven strategy to help accountants like you reach your property, investment, and financial goals without the hassle. Our premium status helps us access exclusive interest rates and improve turnaround times exponentially.

Our credit analysts and senior mortgage brokers have 12 to 25 years of experience working with Australia’s biggest banks. They have worked as the ones responsible for approving and declining loan applications.

In short, we know what makes and breaks a loan application.

We know that time is money for professionals needing finance. Once you fill us in on your current financial situation, we’ll kickstart the process and set the wheels in motion as soon as possible.

On average, our mortgage brokers can provide feedback and take you through the best deals within 24 hours.

Yes! Qualified accountants are eligible for LMI waivers and interest rate discounts—even exclusive deals not accessible to the public!

Aside from special deals and treatment, you also get all standard home loan features, such as:

  • Fixed interest rates
  • Credit card with ongoing fee waived
  • Variable interest rates
  • Interest-only home loans
  • 100% offset account
  • Split mortgages
  • Line of credit
  • Redraw

Accountants looking for home loan finance have a friend in Mortgage Pros. Through research, credit policy reviews, credit analysis, and negotiation, we leave no stone unturned to deliver the best results to our customers.

Speak with us today, and our senior brokers will take you through the best home loan options in less than 24 hours! We think, eat, and sleep home loans!

No matter your financial situation, we have a tailored lending solution for accountants and finance professionals. It’s simple—we help secure mortgages for professionals by professionals.

Mortgage Pros take pride in our risk-free services. That means you don’t need to pay us for our work. We negotiate on your behalf and are paid directly by banks—a win-win situation.

Save time, sweat, and money by enquiring with us about home loans for accountants today!

Why Aussie Accountants Are Choosing Mortgage Pros

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Our Mortgage Specialists For Accountants

We negotiate the best home loan rates for accountants.

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Accountant Loan Case Studies

Michelle’s Investment Home Loan Case Study: 90%LVR waived LMI for accountants

Profile: Michelle is a management accountant who works for KMPG. She recently passed her last CA exam and is expected to become a fully qualified Chartered Accountant later in the week.  Objective: She is seeking to start an investment property portfolio. She aims to achieve FIRE “financial independence retire early” through property. For her first purchase, she targets a house in Frenchville QLD for $500,000. Her anticipated rental return will be $575 per week. Problem: Michelle has $200,000 in savings. She does not want to dole out money on LMI and her parents aren’t in a position to be a guarantor for her home loan. However, if she does pay a 20% deposit plus stamp duty to avoid LMI she will need to contribute about $120,000, leaving her only $80,000 in savings & hence not enough to purchase another property without paying LMI to grow her portfolio. Solution: After researching online, Michelle stumbles upon the Mortgage Pros website and discovers that a few lenders offer home loans for accountants. She calls through & finds out that with some lenders she can borrow 90 per cent of the property value without paying any LMI and may even be eligible for special interest rate discount.  After crunching the numbers, Michelle is told if she borrows $450,000, 90 per cent of the purchase price, she will only need to contribute about $70,000 and will save approximately $9,000 in LMI costs. This will leave her with roughly $130,000 allowing her enough deposit to expand her total property portfolio without LMI to three properties all close to $500,000 in value and generate her $1,725 per week in rent. Like Michelle, you can save thousands on your home loan with an LMI waiver. You can always contact one of our mortgage brokers that specialise in home loans for accountants by calling us on 1300 030 388 or enquiring online.

Luke’s Property Portfolio Case Study: Savings thousands by refinancing

Profile: Luke is the CFO of a travel company and earns $350,000 per year including bonuses. He has been very successful with property and amassed a portfolio of 7 properties across Australia, roughly half paid off. 

Objective: With interest rates raising Luke has seen his rates go from 2.24% to 5.57% in about a year. He is looking to ensure he is on the lowest rate possible and not be paying more than he needs to.

Problem: Luke calls his relationship manager at his existing bank and requests them to give him a better interest rate. He wants the rates which are advertised on their website. They regret to inform him that they cannot assist as the rates on their website are limited to new to bank customers & he is already on the best they can offer. 

Solution: After discussing his situation with a work colleague, Luke is referred to her colleague’s mortgage broker, Mortgage Pros, who specialise in home loans for accountants. They thoroughly analyse his situation & the market to find him the best deal. Luke refinances all his loans and was able to achieve the following:

  • Lower the interest rates on her loans by 0.50%. Saving her approx. $21,000 per year in interest.
  • Take advantage of cash back the bank was offering. He was able to obtain a $4,000 cash back per property. Hence as he had 7 properties the bank paid him $28,000 to move his business over. 
  • Re extend his interest only periods back to 5 years on his investment loans

Oliver’s Home Loan Case Study: How to increase your borrowing capacity

Profile: Oliver is a senior financial accountant based in North West Sydney and earns $150,000 per annum. He is married and has two children. His wife works in HR & earns $120,000 per annum. They own a two-bedroom apartment which they live in that is about half paid off. 

Objective: Oliver & his wife need more space for the kids. They are looking to move into a house with a backyard and are seeking to spend 1.2 mil. 

Problem: Oliver speaks to his existing bank about getting preapproval and they tell him to his shock their maximum borrowing capacity for new lending is $800,000. Oliver & his wife are not in a position to save or ask the family for $400,000. In addition, with a budget of $800,000 they are limited to just buying another apartment. 

Solution: After discussing his situation with the family, Oliver is referred to his brother’s mortgage broker, Mortgage Pros, who specialise in home loans for accountants. There they thoroughly analyse his situation and successfully assist him with securing a preapproval for 1.2 mil by making a few simple changes. 

  • Cancelling all credit cards. Combined, David & his wife had three credit cards with a total limit of $20,000. Even though the credit cards were seldomly used, due to regulations, banks are required to factor the credit cards in as if they were at their limits. This reduced their total borrowing power by approx. $140,000. 
  • Selecting the right bank that will maximise his borrowing capacity. By reverse engineering the methods each of the banks work out their borrowing capacity, we can identify crucial differences in their methods of calculation. By evaluating these differences, we determine which ones may apply to David’s situation and then simulate the impact. For his case, we identified the following had the biggest impact to his borrowing capacity:
    • Using the smallest assessment rate buffer on David’s existing home loan fixed at 2.19%. 
    • Minimising household expenditure measurement. David & his wife are extremely careful with their spending & follow a strict budget. As a result, relatively speaking considering their household, location & income their spending is quite low for their cohort. 
    • Using the most recent year’s bonus for David instead of averaging it over both years. 

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