Macquarie Bank Medico Home Loan No LMI Waiver

Macquarie Bank offers medico home loan solutions for healthcare professionals to assist with personal finance needs, whether you’re looking to buy a home or invest in a property.

Macquarie Bank Medico Home Loan

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Medical professionals and healthcare practitioners could borrow up to 90% with waived LMI fees.


  • Self-employed doctors can apply for up to 100% LVR with no LMI 
  • Self-insure your medico home loan up to 95% LVR
  • Upfront fees incur, but no ongoing annual fees
  • Free property valuation up to $5 million
  • Medico loans can access business banking facility
  • Temporary visas are accepted given your spouse is a citizen of Australia or New Zealand


  • Does not accept properties in Category 4 locations
  • No loan cashback is available
  • Does not accept SMSF loans
  • Does not provide guarantor loans

Can I apply for a Macquarie Bank Medico Home Loan with No LMI?

The following is the list of accepted medical professionals and healthcare practitioners:

General practitioners, medical specialists, and other medical professionals must be on the accepted list of their respective professions. Macquarie Bank also accepts self-employed doctors.

Macquarie Bank only limited its LMI waiver offerings to health practitioners and doctors due to less risk of default and, therefore, less weight on its loan book. At Mortgage Pros, we provide exclusive loan packages and rates to doctors who want to borrow at Macquarie Bank. Call us at 1300 030 388 to learn more.

How To Get 100% Waived LMI With Macquarie Bank

You can get approved for a 100% LVR with an LMI waiver when your loan application is strong enough. In most cases, 100% LMI home loans are structured as this:

  • 90% of the home loan is a normal loan with a 30-year term.
  • The 10% is a cashflow loan with higher rates and shorter term (up to 10 years only)

Speak with our loan experts at 1300 030 388 to see whether you are eligible for 100% waived LMI at Macquarie Bank.

Apply for a Medico Home Loan with LMI Waiver on Macquarie Bank

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At Mortgage Pros, we’ll work closely with you and lobby your medico home loan application should you want to borrow from Macquarie Bank without paying LMI.

We have a proven track record of providing reliable and friendly customer service and round-the-clock support to busy doctors and medical specialists. Our mortgage experts will facilitate your application and lobby Macquarie Bank on your behalf.

Reach out at 1300 030 388 to learn more about Macquarie Bank’s Medico home loan policy and whether you qualify for an LMI waiver as a medical professional.

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